Selling Your Home

Prepare Yourself with the different Aspects of the Home Selling Process.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you probably have a ton of questions. Selling a home is a complex process, and to get the best possible result, homeowners and their real estate agents must work together to prepare, market, and ultimately sell the home. To help you through your home selling journey, I created this video to show you what you can do to get the best possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time.

Why Great Video Matters


Marketing a home with online video makes so much sense. You get to bring a prospective buyer into the home and walk them through it from your perspective, highlighting your favorite aspects of the property. Hundreds of people can look at your home simultaneously online, and gain much broader exposure than traditional real estate media.

Why Great Photos Matter


When selling a home, having high-quality pictures to accompany its listing is potentially the most important aspect of the sales process. Today’s typical home buyers are spending more time searching online listings than they are driving around town looking for real estate signs.


WHY online marketing MATTERs


A online presence is a vital component of a marketing strategy when selling your home. Todays buyers want accurate information quickly and conveniently.Did you know that, 92% of homebuyers used the Internet as an information source, 76% of Internet homebuyers drove or viewed a home they saw online, 43% of buyers found their home on the internet.


WHY your realtor MATTERs


As a realtor I know the market and knowing the market, means knowing how to price a home, as well as knowing what type of buyer your home will appeal to and how to market to that buyer. I always keep in touch with my sellers, communication is a big factor in keeping everything flowing smoothly and everyone happy.  


Pre-Marketing Checklist

Preparing your property to sell!!

We can't stress enough how important it is to get your property in its best possible condition prior to offering it for sale.  Everyone wants to sell their home in the least amount of time at the best possible price, right? 

The simple truth is that homes with great curb appeal and homes that are super clean, well maintained, and have pleasing decor sell faster and for more money than homes that don't measure up.  It doesn't need to cost you a boatload of money . . . just work your way through this checklist to be certain you are presenting your home in its best possible light.

Below is your free Preparing Your Home To Sell Checklist

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